Jurgen Klinsmann, World Cup winner and former manager of Germany today advised England’s football team

“You don’t need to play like Brazil or other teams who have a different football heritage and approach to the game. Be who you are – and be proud of that. When I took over as Germany boss in 2004, after we had failed at that summer’s European Championship, I began by trying to give our national team an identity, and a clear way of playing. That included our attitude as well.”

Wise words Jurgen, but he’s a couple of years behind the curve! In 2016 we produced this video animation to offer some advice to the FA and their then new manager Sam Allardyce. Watch the video to find out all you need to know about team identity; what is it, why does it affect performance and how do you get one?


Whilst big Sam was soon replaced, his successor Gareth Southgate appears to have recognised the importance of identity.

For more than 10 years we’ve been working with teams, training leaders and advising organisations about the profound impact a strong identity can have on a team. Our advice has been listened to: by the Royal Marines, the Army, Navy and RAF; by Olympic gold medalists; by country cricket and rugby teams that went on to win trophies; and by championship football teams. Perhaps you would like to benefit from the same advice? Sign-up today.

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Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt

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I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 24 years’ experience of consultancy and coaching, training. I got a First Class Honours degree in Social Psychology from University of Kent and worked in London advertising agencies for seven years before taking an Occupational Psychology MSc at Cranfield in 1993. I founded the Centre for Team Excellence in 1999, having first worked in a small psychology consultancy.


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