Team Facilitator Training


On this six-week virtual training course, you will learn how to facilitate team development using the TRIBE model that has been shown to improve team performance, increase engagement, well-being and resilience.

It goes beyond the standard fare of icebreakers and team games that so many training organisations offer.
Paul Ellis

Assistant Director, Defence Academy of the UK

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MonDAY 17 January 2022

The course will be 6 online workshops each lasting 90 minutes in a virtual classroom video with supporting materials and  discussion forum.


The cost is £750 (+ VAT) for an independent consultant. 

What will you get from TRIBE facilitator traIning?

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Help teams to develop a powerful identity that increases commitment and drives performance. 
  • Use a suite of exercises, activities and tools to help a team create a TRIBE canvas. 
  • Facilitate workshops and conduct “deep dive” discussions to help a team put in place the foundations for performance. 
  • Coach teams using TRIBE.
  • Contract effectively with leaders and teams.
  • Change team dynamics and lead to deep long-term sustainable change.
  • Have the confidence to use an evidence-based yet simple and practical approach with any team.
  • Gain access to Great Teams Academy Facilitator hub and join our growing community of facilitators.

Fantastic few days with Jeremy and Will discovering the new science of great teams

Declan O'Connell

Attendee and consultant, Fortis Mentis

A scientifically proven team facilitator training framework

Learn how to systematically turn a teams performance around with a repeatable and scalable solution.

Used by 50+ organisations, Olympic gold medal winners and the British military.

What is TRIBE Team Facilitator Training?

TRIBE is a revolutionary new approach to team and leadership development that has helped win gold medals, been implemented in the military and transformed business teams all over the world.

It was developed at the Centre for Team Excellence and the University of Sussex (a world-leading research establishment in group processes) and will give you entirely new insights into how teams work enabling you to facilitate meaningful and sustainable change.


You will benefit from this training if you:

  • Facilitate teams that seem stuck on a merry go round where instead of progress, you see setbacks.
  • Coach individuals who are stuck and unable to change.
  • Work with teams that are trapped by conflicts, politics and in-fighting.
  • Overcome repetitive patterns of behaviour such as cynicism and resistance to change.
  • Facilitate teams that are very high value.

TRIBE is based on good science and sound research, which shows a big impact on team performance.

Rupert Brown

Professor of social psychology, University of Sussex



By the end of the team facilitator training you will have:

  • A completely new way of looking at what is going on in teams focusing on interconnections and repeating patterns.
  • A positive way of understanding and changing individuals, relationships and teams that moves beyond individual blame.
  • New skills that will enable you to facilitate systemic change in teams, with a toolbox to help diagnosis and interventions.
  • The confidence to tackle seemingly intractable problems in teams.