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TRIBE is a brilliant tool for teams and leaders

Anton Oliver

Former All Black Captain

What is Great Teams Academy?

Great Team’s Academy offers a systematic and scientifically proven framework that gives leaders a step-by-step process to make their team great. It’s a revolutionary online learning programme for leaders and teams that includes:

  • TRIBE Canvas Builder a an easy to use tool that enables you to co-create with team members your own TRIBE Canvas.

Coming soon:

  • Videos
  • More tools
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TRIBE Canvas is based on good science and sound research, which shows a big impact on team performance.

Prof. Rupert Brown

University of Sussex

What is the TRIBE Canvas?

It is a single page blueprint for creating the passion and pride that will make your team great. Inspired by the Lean Canvas approach in Ash Maurya’s book Running Lean, it gives you a process to make your team great that is: 

Fast. It focuses you on the five things that will really motivate performance in your team context, rather than wasting time on lengthy and ineffective offsites. The TRIBE canvas allows teams rapidly find the magic ingredient for great performance.

Concise. The canvas forces you to choose your words carefully and to get to the point. 

Portable. A single-page TRIBE canvas tells the story of your team in a way that is easy to share, will be read and used. 

Life’s too short to be in a team nobody cares about.

What is a great team?

Create a team that learns faster, is more innovative, more resilient and performs better, with greater job satisfaction and wellbeing. On in which team members experience less stress, less infighting, less selfish behaviour and are less likely to go sick, or to want to quit. 

Sound too good to be true? The University of Sussex, researched 52 teams, with 528 team members and found that five core shared beliefs predicted team performance, indeed the 20% of teams with the strongest beliefs outperformed the 20% with the weakest beliefs by a massive 53%. This 3-year research programme, funded by us, stands on the shoulders of other studies showing similar effects. Research that has shown these beliefs also lead to increases in resilience, well-being, satisfaction, innovation and learning as well as reductions in stress, infighting, selfishness, sickness absence and turnover intentions.

That’s what the research shows – not our research but scientific research published in peer reviewed journals.

That’s what we call a Great Team and it is an amazing experience. 



What would it be like if everyone in your team was fully motivated, passionate and proud?

Not like ordinary leadership approaches

Based on a radically different understanding of human motivation.

Traditional leadership practice focuses on the personal traits, strengths and qualities that mark out great leaders. Yet, the evidence shows leadership is never about “me”, nor the special characteristic only a few possess. It’s about how leaders and followers come to care passionately about “us”.

In Great Teams Academy you will learn what really motivates people and how to harness it to make your team great. 

Click on the link below to create a free account and begin finding out how to make your team great. Access is free for life, but if you change your mind it is easy to unsubscribe. 



TRIBE is used by elite organisations in the military and sport.

Why you, why now?

Trust in organsiations and their leaders is at an all-time low, “on the verge of an existential crisis” according to the Edelman Global Turst Barometer. In 2017 over two-thirds of the general population do not have confidence in leaders and one in three employees does not trust their employer. 

Meanwhile the leadership development industry has never been bigger; in 2015, Harvard Business Review estimated companies spent more than $360bn globally. Colleges and universities offer hundreds of degree courses on leadership, and the cost of customized leadership-development offerings from a top business school can reach $150,000 a person. Profes

Research at Harvard found only 11 percent of more than 500 executives they asked globally believed that their leadership development achieved and sustained the desired results. Mckinsey revealed only 7 percent of senior managers think their companies develop global leaders effectively, whilst 30 percent of US companies admit they have failed to exploit international business opportunities fully because they lacked leaders with the right capabilities. It’s a mess.

Professor Michael Beers from Harvard described it as the “Great Training Robbery”, whilst the MIT Sloan Quarterly Review call it “Leadership development’s epic fail.” 

Isn’t it time to try a new approach?

Organisations, where perfromance really matters, where the consequences of failure are serious, have been turning to the fundamentally different insights offered by TRIBE. For leaders in the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Security Services and Special Forces the “epic fail” means people die. Its not just them, elite sports teams and global businesses have reaching the same conclusions. Great Teams Academy gives leaders in every organisations the opportunity to make their team great. Start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, schools, hospitals, charities, builders, lawyers, manufacturers, bankers, tech companies, government officials, civil servants. Whatever the size of your organisation by signing up you can learn the same proven approach used by these esteemed organisations.

If you want to lead a great team and are curious about why these performance focused organisations use TRIBE you can find out for yourself for free.    

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