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Great  Teams Academy

Our two-day leadership training is designed specifically for leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises. You will learn how to create a dynamic motivated team culture that drives your business success, giving you the springboard you need for growth and scaling. 


Leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises face unique challenges not experienced by leaders in large corporations, or the public sector.

Are you:

  • Passionate about your business, but frustrated when your people don’t share that passion?
  • Unsure about how to really motivate and engage your staff, your stakeholders, and your customers?
  • Wishing there were more energy and urgency in your team?
  • Seeing opportunities and wanting to scale, but worried about the risks this might involve?
  • Agile and responsive now, but concerned that as you grow you will lose the thing that made you successful?
  • Aware that as your company has grown you have lost the connections and tight relationships that used to drive your success?
  • Concerned about how difficult and slow it is to execute your strategy?

If you experience some or all these situations then the training is for you.

Objectives & Benefits

  • Transform performance in your team and business.
  • Learn how to motivate, engage, inspire and influence others.
  • Build a sustainable high-performance culture.
  • Handle conflict constructively.
  • Encourage commitment to rapid growth.
  • Leave with a set of practical leadership tools and techniques.
  • Discover an approach that brings the best out of others and yourself.
  • Network with other small business owners.
The approach gives a clear and practical framework for developing teams.
Simon Parker

Global head of F&A sector banking, Rabobank international


6th – 7th September 2018

1st – 2nd November 2018

17th – 18th January 2019


TRIBE is our revolutionary new approach to team and leadership development that has helped win gold medals, been implemented in the military and transformed business teams all over the world.

It was developed at the Centre for Team Excellence and the University of Sussex (a world-leading research establishment in group processes) and will give you entirely new insights into how teams work enabling you to deliver business results.

TRIBE is based on good science and sound research, which shows a big impact on team performance.

Rupert Brown

Professor of social psychology, University of Sussex

WHO are we?

Great Teams Academy is the younger brother of its parent company The Centre for Team Excellence. While we have worked with Olympic champions, Global business brands and elite military teams for 19 years, our consultancy approach wasn’t scalable to those who needed it most – the everyday leader and team. That’s why we created Great Teams Academy – to act as a bespoke platform that enables leaders to create great teams without having to use our consultancy services directly. Following demand, we are also now teaching leaders directly in our ever popular two-day leadership training programmes. Our mission is to help 1 million people be part of a great team by 2020.

TRIBE is a brilliant tool for teams and leaders. If we’d had it in the All Blacks we would have saved a lot of time and got to our destination quicker.

Anton Oliver

Former Captain, The New Zealand All Blacks


In our beautiful converted barn in Steyning, West Sussex in the South Downs. Please contact us for any further details.


£750 + VAT


6th – 7th September 2018

1st – 2nd November 2018

17th – 18th January 2019

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