Coach, teacher & team development for schools

Do you coach or manage a school sports team?

Would you like your team to perform better?

Be more resilient and mentally tough?

We are team performance specialists with over 20 years experience in running coach and leader development courses. We are now making these available to schools for a limited time.  

Create a high performing team and learn the secrets behind motivation, persuasion and influence.

We have worked with Olympic champions, elite military forces and global business brand teaching them the art of leadership using a scientifically proven approach to team and leadership development.

It goes beyond the standard fare of icebreakers and team games that so many training organisations offer.

Paul Ellis

Assistant Director, Defence Academy of the UK

What we are offering

In school workshops

Run at your school for teachers and staff. Prices starting from as little as £500.

Sports leadership training courses.

Attend a 2-day leadership course at our converted barn in Sussex. Prices from £750.

Whole school training

Ideal for inset day and longer term recalibration of your school’s identity.

To discuss any of these, Call us on 01903 814259 or email 

“We worked realy hard as a squad to create our identity. Be the difference, create history and inspire the future”

McCallin, GB Hockey player

Benefits for you

  • Learn a repeatable and scalable solution to creating high performing teams.

  • Learn the science behind influence, persuasion and motivations in group situations.

  • Learn how to create a winning team identity.

Call us on 01903 814259 or email

Benefits to the team

  • Increase in performance – our research with the University of Sussex has shown there can be up to 53% increase.
  • Increase in resilience.
  • Increase in enjoyment, motivation and engagement.

Former All Blacks captain Anton Oliver

Anton has helped in the development of TRIBE, adding insights from his experieinces with the All Blacks. He was a member of the player leadership group that rebooted the All Blacks identity in 2004, transforming them into the most successful international team in history, in any sport. His practical understanding of the dressing room has helped us to develop training that really works for sports teams. Together we used TRIBE to analyse the evolution of the All Blacks identifying what had the biggest impact and why. Many leaders have tried to copy the All Blacks and in so doing completely missed the point of what makes a great team. On this training you will learn the underlying principles behind the All Blacks culture so you can systematically create your own performance identity, rather than copying and hoping!

TRIBE is a brilliant tool for teams and leaders. If we’d had it in the All Blacks we would have saved a lot of time and got to our destination quicker.

Anton Oliver

Former Captain, The New Zealand All Blacks


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