However, over time these curries have evolved and, consequently, so have their flavours. After I had read through a few of these I started to get a nagging feeling that I was reading the same thing over and over again, sometimes almost word for word all over again. hide. Thai green curry or red curry? (Note, there is a difference between tweaking the spice levels of a properly made curry and simply adding chilli to the mildest possible curry base.) Green curry is known for being more subtle and gentle. A Thai red curry derives its fiery hue from the red chillies. Well it just ain't so. The red curry is by far the hottest. A green curry in authentic Thai cuisine will always be hotter than a red curry and the heat will also differ between the regions, green curry from the South of Thailand (excepting the tourist areas) tends to be much more fiery due to the addition of Bird's Eye chillies. This question had never occurred to me until recently. However, what I do know is that in Thailand a Thai red curry is never made this way. When I ask for a hotter Thai green curry dish, I expect more of the delicious spicy underlying flavors of the curry, not just extra heat to added to deaden my taste buds. But the terms red curry, green curry, and yellow curry are associated with Thai cuisine and these colored curries are a staple food in entire Thailand. October 2018. There are several ways to open a young coconut, however, if the aim is to keep the coconut shell to use as a serving bowl just a little more care is needed. A green curry in authentic Thai cuisine will always be hotter than a red curry and the heat will also differ between the regions, green curry from the South of Thailand (excepting the tourist areas) tends to be much more fiery due to the addition of Bird's Eye chillies. Comments will be approved before showing up. In traditional Thai cuisine we tend to think of curries being served at an appropriate heat level for that particular curry. • Red curry makes use of long dried red chilies, whereas green curry is made using fresh green chilies. Sure, you know that on sites like Yahoo answers you would take any information given is as likely to be wrong, as it is right. Until fairly recently I had no difficulty in giving an unequivocal answer to the question. Making your own curry paste can be fun and wonderfully therapeutic as you bash away with a mortar and pestle. Can a Vegan Diet Reduce the Risk of Childhood Obesity? save. Is sweet green curry not really a thing in Thailand? Our methods of preparing food were very traditional and I was set to work with the mortar & pestle from a very early age. • Red curry and green curry are two of the most popular curries used in Thai cuisine that is famous for its soupy dishes. My recommended vegetables when creating a Thai yellow curry are carrot, onion and potato. Feb 17, 2018 - Update. However where I truly started shaking my head was when I started reading some of the recipes for Thai red curry making the paste from scratch. Honey resides in picturesque Western Australia. I added some roast potatoes, and finished off with fresh coriander and shredded kafir lime leaf To make a curry paste, the aforementioned ingredients are mixed together using a mortar and pestle. So, much like a rumour, an incorrect statement is endlessly repeated. However the most helpful part was about the flavour from dried chillies, I grow my own chillies and dry them but always thought that dried chillies would be hotter than fresh because of the concentration!! I am in the middle of an argument that seems split straight down the middle. Archived. Thai coconut-based curries are numerous and more well known in the West with red, green , yellow, panang and masamam being the most well known curries. Each was authentic, flavourful, distinct from each other, and fun to make a simple but amazing curry. But what you have written makes sense to me. I don’t know what I find more surprising, the use of fresh red chillies or the use of tomato ketchup. Served with homemade egg fried rice. You will need a strong sharp knife as you see in the pictures. My recommended vegetables when creating a Thai red curry are bamboo shoots, green beans, red bell pepper/capsicum and onion. A great Thai green curry depends on the quality of the paste and, so often overlooked, the quality of the coconut milk. However, there are other sites out there handing out exactly the same misinformation. Green Curry Green curry is considered the most popular curry in Thai cuisine. So, originally, and traditionally, it was as simple as a Thai green curry was made with green chillies, a Thai red curry was made with red chillies and a Thai yellow curry was made with … yes, you guessed it … yellow chillies. report. Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Organic Garden for Spring, 5 Vegan Foods That Are Amazing for Your Skin. Finally, whilst there’s some really delicious store bought Thai green, red and yellow curry pastes, I would highly recommend making your own. 100% Upvoted. I think it’s that usually peppers get hotter as they ripen, so logically red would seem to indicate more heat. Those two factors are the most important in determining the success of the final dish. I happened to be in TJ's the next day, saw a bottle of red curry sauce so I picked that up. Call it what you want, just don’t call it Thai. I had some gorgeous slow roasted garlic pork leftover and decided to put it to good use with a massaman curry paste mix. I think that the reason I have had a difficult time keeping track of which curry is the hottest, red, yellow or green is probably a little bit silly but might be the same way others get confused. Although many things have changed since then, a lot of the values remain the same. I loved the four thai curries I bought. I grew up in a small village in the north-east of Thailand. My brain wants to think of it like a traffic stoplight, which green meaning “go” or mild,yellow “slow down, getting hotter, and red meaning “stop” or hot. Thank you so much for your post! You won’t be disappointed. Supermarkets had yet to make an appearance and what shopping we did was in local markets. However, times change and trends come and go and what was once true is not now always the case. Unbelievable marinade for a fillet of beet snd a great party centre piece! I absolutely love Thai cuisine, especially Thai curries, green, red, yellow, I love them all. I enjoy most curries, but especially love Thai curries; both the green and the red varieties. We do this as it extracts some of the harshness and heat from the chilli but allows us to concentrate the flavour. I wonder if the confusion comes from the whole “red for danger, green for safe” thing which is drilled into us from an early age? A Thai green curry derives its green hue from, not just the chillies, but also basil and coriander. I am in the middle of an argument that seems split straight down the middle. July 26, 2016 Apparently, some of the larger sites earn their money from the advertising that they carry and employ people to write articles about anything and everything. A Thai yellow curry derives its yellow hue from both the yellow chillies and, turmeric/turmeric. (Chillies are not all about heat!) You can have a spicy red curry and a sweet green curry if that is how someone wishes to make them. Your article has been useful to me, because I could never remember which was the spicier. Contrary to common belief, a Thai red curry is not the hottest of the three Thai curries. A Thai green curry is, or should be, the hottest of the three Thai curries. My recommended vegetables when creating a Thai green curry are bamboo shoots, green bell pepper/capsicum, eggplant, onion and peas. PLEASE, take a moment to vote if you enjoyed reading my article. July 15, 2015 Thanks for the verification. 3. Green the hottest, red medium and yellow the mildest. 5 Comments. 5. 13 Comments. I wondered how this misconception that red was hotter than green came to be. Well that shook me up a bit I can tell you. Although all three colors may be spicy-hot depending on the chef, normally green is the mildest and red the hottest with yellow falling somewhere in between. This method of cooking was brought to South East Asia by Indian immigrants over the past several centuries. I’ve always wondered and you just blew my mind! That said, a Thai red curry still packs a punch, with red chillies and peppercorns being two of the key ingredients.

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