6. . 1 (trans. Sometimes athirst when beaten by the heat of the fiery Dog of heaven [the star Sirios], the girl sought out a neighbouring spring with parched lips; the girl bent down her curving neck and stooped her head, dipping a hand again and again and scooping the water of her own country to her mouth, until she had enough and left the rills. 407 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. I saw the deceiving stream of the yellow fountain at your loving bridal! She may have been the mother of the Eleusinian demi-god Iakkhos by Dionysos. Spare not your girdle, but attend Bakkhos both as comrade and bedfellow. He trusted him with a vine hanging from the leaves of an elm; it is now named for the boy. The god is willing to grant the request; and so he promises, in the event of his return, to fulfil the wish of Prosymnos, confirming the promise with an oath. The waves of the river covered her up, and Kronion [Zeus] turned her into a fountain . "Phalloi are consecrated to Dionysos . Hera is a jealous wife, but has not (so far) been shown to be vindictive towards her husband's paramours, although

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