Some I got for even less than your prices here. I also found that Honest Kids mylar packed, single-serve fruit juices are lightweight, tasty & I keep them under my passenger car front seat with 2 high-quality Kind bars – in case I ever get stuck in my car. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars 48 Pkg,,, Breakfast: Oatmeal to Go Bar, Annie’s Bunnies, yogurt raisins, Lunch: peanut butter and animal crackers, fruit leather, Dinner: 4 Slim Jims, 2 chewy granola bars, Fig Newtons, Breakfast: soft baked breakfast bar, Annie’s Bunnies, Craisins, Lunch: trail mix, Annie’s Bunnies, Fig Newtons, Dinner:  peanut butter and animal crackers, crunchy granola bar, yogurt raisins, Breakfast: breakfast cookie, animal crackers, applesauce, Lunch: tuna & crackers, Goldfish, fruit snacks, Dinner: peanuts, animal crackers, yogurt raisins, Chewy Granola Bars 60 Pkg: $8.99 (Quaker brand currently on sale for this price (regularly $10.99); but Costco brand regularly $8.79 for 60). My total cost would be $100.86 or $16.81 per kit ($1.87 per meal). If you make these, please tell me about your experience in the comments. Before I get started on the food you might consider including in your kit, I want to mention that the food that goes in your kit is only one small part of a full 72-hour kit. PS prices have gone up and some items are not available on Amazon right now. Give this handout to anyone you’d like to invite to join your group. But let me reach out to those I know in the preparedness community and if I find something I’ll get back to you! Yay! Even if 2 of the family kits had these and you split it between a couple of people. Having to buy three days worth of emergency supplies and emergency food all at once at the grocery store in addition to your regular spending can seem daunting, especially for large families. I looked at many other 72-hour food kit lists online, and most offered only 600-1000 calories a day. Yea, kind of lame, but with all that has been happening in the world, I feel it is something they need and wouldn’t be apt to getting for themselves. Print, cut and put on each day’s bag so you know what to eat when. Second, you are more likely to rotate food you like! It is a great Relief Society Activity! Preparedness Mama and its collaborators have created a one-stop shop of critical resources for families looking to prepare for disaster. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. They may not understand how serious the situation is and will react just like they would at the regular dinner table. This is especially true of children. None of the food requires cooking, as it is all non-perishable food and simple canned food! You are amazing and really saved me. But I will say that 2236 calories per day is pretty darn good! First, and most obviously, you are more likely to eat food that tastes good. I hope this helps. That is a really big difference Chelsea! That’s a great gift Gina! Do you have any suggestions? In addition, if you can afford a few more dollars, you can get that kit up to over 2200 calories per day for $16.29. There is a mini first aid kit list in the book I link to at the top of this post, but there is also a larger one here that you could adjust! And you can cancel the subscriptions very easily anytime. Thank you so much for all your hard work on getting this together and posting it. Thanks for the input Jessie. I’m not lds, just been through a lot & know these are great things to do. Also, not everything that tastes good and is high in calories is extremely nutritious! The prices listed are for ONE. The beef jerky-cheese combos cost a touch more but are way more calorie dense. Sorry blowing you up…did some research on prices to make sure things were roughly the same…Costo items are much different in price… Bummer!!! Add the drink and soup packets diagonally. We know firsthand that getting ready for the worst with a big family poses some particular challenges. When we rotate the food in our 72-hour kits, we have a PARTY! Your email address will not be published. I might add to your optional list the mylar packaged pre-seasoned Spam at $1 each, making one meal a day feel more substantial. Thank you so much for all your hard work in preparing this! That is just $1.32 a meal! You’ll also find many ideas to help you be more self-reliant. Do you need plates and cups in this 72-hour emergency food kit? Total calories per day per person would be 2236 per day! We appreciate your help…but find your religious preference unnecessary. Note: these prices were accurate in the fall of 2013. But any suggestions for peanut replacements? Thanks for this great list! Hunger makes both my kids and I (and maybe you, I’m guessing?) This will help our family a lot! Do you (or does anyone in comment-land) have any suggestions for a low-carb 72-hour kit? But if the food in our kits is gross, we won’t likely rotate it. It will save them a LOT of time (and hopefully money) while helping them create truly valuable kits for their families! I also ended up beating this goal! Here’s to hoping that none of us will ever need to use this stuff! Or, in an earthquake, you’d likely still stay at (or near) your home once it was over and have access to all the food in your home, not just your kit (well, at least anything that isn’t destroyed). I saw this on pinterest and thought it was so funny because it looks like the post office accidentally delivered my recent Amazon order to you! I welcome all ideas! You can get those 3600 calories bars. We’ve got a peanut allergy so need to find another portable protein…. I set a goal to get calorie consumption at 1500 calories a day or more while including at least somenutrient dense foods. I thought I’d post a bit about what I came up with here as it would be helpful to anyone trying to put together 72-hour food kits for a large group. I set a goal to keep the cost for each meal at $2 or less per person, and I ended up beating this goal! I am giving my 3 adult sons each a 72 hour emergency kit for Christmas. It is fun! are heavy and would add significant weight to your packs. Thanks Chelsea! It should help them understand what it is you are trying to do and why you are building the kits this way! What about smaller quantities t a Walmart? You can just shoot me and email with all your questions and I will do my best to answer them! I wanted to keep the cost of the food for this 72-hour kit as low as possible. I love Baptists! The protein bars are often that expensive. With the tuna pouches, I then I just took a box of gluten free crackers & tossed the internal sealed bag in with out the box. (as well as in my 72-hour bag). The no-cook menu is smart, especially for young or old who would be responsible for their own 72 hour pack. Instant mash potato pouches do not need heat to reconstitute just water and time. Any time we travel we try to check out different stores and take advantage of items not carried at our local store. I can’t type beyond the link below, spell check keeps wanting to change link words. Occasionally I receive products in exchange for a review or giveaway post. We are doing a RS activity and the sisters wants to make 72 hour kits and I am the coordinator and I was going to have to set out and do EXACTLY what you ALREADY did!!!!

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