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Learn to lead a Team to greatness

Our two-day leadership training course is suitable for anyone in a leadership role. The training course will teach you how to systematically turn a team’s performance around with a repeatable and scalable solution.

The secret ingredient in great teams

England’s football team, ranked 13th, finished 4th in the World Cup, won a penalty shoot-out for the first time ever and helped the nation fall back in love with football. How did they achieve this transformation in performance and resilience? By building a team identity.

Southgate created and embedded, a team identity that enabled England to rediscover “who they are”. On this course you will learn how to become an identity leader capable of transforming a team, using a proven and practical process.

The approach gives a clear and practical framework for developing teams.
Simon Parker

Global head of F&A sector banking, Rabobank international

TRIBE is a brilliant tool for teams and leaders. If we’d had it in the All Blacks we would have saved a lot of time and got to our destination quicker.

Anton Oliver

Former Captain, The New Zealand All Blacks

The university research has shown that team identity causes an increase in sports team performance by up to 53%
Dr Will Thomas

Head of research, Great Teams Academy

The role of team identity

We have been collaborating with Sussex University for five years to try and understand what happens in high performing teams that is missing in ordinary teams and the research homed in on the pivotal role of team identity.

The research revealed that teams with strong identities outperform those with weak identities, by more than 50%. Not a marginal gain, but a massive transformation in performance caused by having a stronger team identity. We went on to investigate what leaders needed to do to create and embed this kind of transformational identity and found that it all stemmed from just five core shared beliefs.

We took these insights and turned them into a step-by-step process called TRIBE, which has been used by teams in sport, the military and business.

The result is a proven process that makes the secret performance benefits available to you. This two-day course is designed specifically for leaders in sport who want to learn how to use TRIBE to make their teams great.

Why Should you trust us?

We have run leadership development workshops for large organisations in more than 30 countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, helping leaders to lead their teams to greatness. Here are a few examples:

In business

  • A global leadership development programme for top 200 managers delivered in Europe, USA and Singapore for a large pharmaceuticals company.
  • Leadership development for 120 sales managers in Japan training through simultaneous translators.
  • A train-the-trainer programme for internal HR and L&D people to roll-out a strategic leading cross-functional teams training course globally.
  • We have trained or coaching more than 3000 managers to create and lead high-performance teams.

In the military

  • Since 2007 delivering leadership training at the Centre for Defence Leadership and Management at the Defence Academy of the UK, training senior officers.
  • Facilitating development for many military leadership teams including RAF No 1 Group, the Surgeon General, the Chaplain-General, Joint Helicopter Command, JSCSC, the DE&S Ships Operating Centre and the Defence Academy of the UK itself.
  • With former All Blacks Captain Anton Oliver, we ran a Leading High Performing Teams MasterClass at the Defence Academy of the UK for 350 officers and MOD staff.
  • Advising the Royal Marines leadership on ways to modify their identity to improve focus and resilience in the battlefield.

In sport

  • Working with GB Women’s hockey team and coaches in preparation for the Rio Olympic and their Gold medal winning performance. They were voted “Best team of the Games” by the International Olympic Associations.
  • Warwickshire CCC leadership group used TRIBE in 2016 and won the Royal London One Day Cup.
  • Supporting the GB Wheelchair Rugby coaches, leaders and team in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Now, this approach is available to you.

“We worked realy hard as a squad to create our identity. Be the difference, create history and inspire the future”

McCallin, GB Hockey player

What you will learn

  • A revolutionary step-by-step process to make your team great.
  • Influence, motivate and persuade using the power of group psychology.
  • A different way of thinking about leadership.
  • Ability to deal with conflict, change and politics.


Our dates are being continually updated to match demand. If these dates don’t work for you, let us know and we’ll find a way to fit you in!
  • 11th & 12th October


In our beautiful converted barn in Steyning, West Sussex in the South Downs. Please contact us for any further details.


£900 + VAT


You will benefit from this training if you:

  • Lead individuals who are difficult to manage.

  • Lead a team that is trapped by conflicts, politics and in-fighting.

  • Face cynicism or resistance to change.

  • Lead teams that are high value.

  • Lead teams that have a performance focus.

  • Lead teams within business or sport.

TRIBE is based on good science and sound research, which shows a big impact on team performance.

Rupert Brown

Professor of social psychology, University of Sussex

Frequently asked questions

WHO should attend?
  • Anyone who leads a team
How much does it cost?
£900 + VAT
What’s your refund policy?
We do not provide refunds for this course. The information is proven to work over and over again for those who implement it. If you don’t implement, we cannot be responsible for your lack of results. If you don’t plan on actually doing anything with what you learn on the course, we suggest you don’t buy it.
What’s included
  • Pre-course phone call to discuss pre-work and check this is the right course for you.
  • Workbook
  • TRIBE planning templates
  • Presentation templates to communicate with your team
  • Membership of Great Teams Academy
  • Access to the private leader resource hub
  • Post-course webinars to support your implementation of teh training.