However, this step can only be taken when an allegation of misconduct has been proven by means of evidence. The Labour Relations Act, 1995 does not regulate a fair disciplinary enquiry. Notice of a disciplinary hearing The Disciplinary tribunal may order stay of proceedings in order for the charges to be correctly formulated. How to Chair an Appeal Hearing/Meeting For all Procedures. Prior to Conducting the Disciplinary Hearing • Know the details of the Council’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedure. Any employees at the route of the conduct, capability or attendance issue, should be made aware that following your meeting, a formal disciplinary hearing may take place. You must prepare for the hearing … The person hearing the disciplinary should be independent of the incident in question e.g. Conducting a disciplinary investigation and hearing A guide for employers At some stage, most managers will have to deal with the thorny issue of employee misconduct. DISCIPLINARY ACTION AFTER EMPLOYEE RESIGNATION. If possible, it might even be an idea to do it outside of normal office hours for a little extra privacy. Disciplinary Hearings (a) Written notice of a disciplinary hearing will be given at least five (5) school days before the hearing is scheduled to take place, which could imply temporary suspension from classes, excluding formal scheduled tests and examinations which count towards the learner’s year mark. Documents relevant to the HPCSA disciplinary process. Insightful suggestions for conducting disciplinary hearings via online platforms of communication such as Zoom, Skype and Video Conferencing when employees cannot enter the workplace or … 5.3 I am legally advised that in disciplinary matters it is pertinent for the charges to be clearly defined so that the alleged misconduct can be proven or disproved at the disciplinary hearing.' Before an employer notifies an employee of a disciplinary hearing, the employer should first conduct an investigation to determine whether grounds for dismissal exist and should reasonable grounds exists, here’s what you need to know about formal disciplinary hearings, from both an employer and employee’s perspective: if possible disciplinary action arises from an altercation between an employee and a Manager, it would not be fair for that Manager to decide regarding disciplinary actio n. A disciplinary meeting should never come as a shock to your employee. Both the employee and the employer should place evidence and concerns that are related to the issue. Disciplinary action occurs when a rule or standard of conduct in the working environment has been breached and cannot be remedied by any other means. The disciplinary meeting, or hearing, forms an important stage in a fair and lawful disciplinary procedure. How do employers conduct fair virtual disciplinary hearings during lockdown? In the case of a dismissal: 1. The Disciplinary Hearing … Before a formal disciplinary process, employers should use informal methods like a simple chat or mediation. 22. It’s a good idea for the employer to take some time after the hearing to consider the case carefully before making a decision. How to Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing From time to time, every employer finds themselves in a position where they need to conduct a disciplinary hearing against a staff member. It can mean the difference between continued employment or searching the market for months, even years, looking for another job. This is a synopsis of the procedure that a chairperson of a disciplinary hearing follows Introduction The full proceedings must be recorded in writing in the minutes. Parties can also request, by mutual consent, the CCMA or a bargaining council to appoint an arbitrator to conduct a final and binding disciplinary enquiry. Impact of remote hearing on the right to be accompanied. According to the Labour Relations Act, (LRA) a dismissal is unfair if it is not effected for a fair reason and in accordance with a fair procedure. 3. Disciplinary Hearing. First, as an at will employee your employer could have just terminated you without notice. This can prove to be a difficult task for even larger employers, many of whom don’t manage to get all of the basics correct. As with disciplinary and grievance hearings conducted in person at the workplace, employees have a statutory right to be accompanied to these meetings by a colleague or trade union representative. You … If informal measures fail to create a resolution. The minutes must be as complete and as detailed as possible. This will have an effect on the time prescribed in the code of conduct for disciplinary hearings. The employee representative must explain to the accused employee that he or she must be present during the disciplinary inquiry. Next look at the rule or policy that you violated. An employer should allow enough time between a disciplinary meeting and the proposal of any outcome, to ensure responses have been thoroughly considered. The employee’s rights. At the end of the hearing. A formal process is likely to go ahead. In terms of the concept of progressive discipline, it should always be the last resort for a chair of a disciplinary hearing, and should only be imposed in cases of serious misconduct, which does not warrant progressive discipline. The below checklist is for guidance purposes only, as it is recognised that the Chair will need to determine how best to manage any hearing given the individual circumstances of the case. Please note that Human Resources are normally in attendance at Disciplinary Hearings and can also provide support, advice and guidance. The processes related to workplace discipline often confound employees. (b) Hand over the completed Disciplinary Action Form, duly signed. The employer would be required to pay a prescribed fee. Disciplinary action. Standard Disciplinary Procedures. Ensure that the following documents are immediately sent to your Salaries Department via the Manager: 2. First things first – if you’re going to conduct a disciplinary hearing, try and do it somewhere private and out of earshot of the rest of the company. Visit The employer should aim to conclude the meeting by scheduling a follow-up meeting with the employee to give the decisions taken by the management. At the end of a disciplinary hearing, an employee has the right to appeal against the decision and must be told of this right at that time. Disciplinary hearings The Code of Good Practice: Dismissal as set out in Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act (“the Code of Good Practice”) sets the following procedural requirements for disciplinary hearings: “Normally, the employer should conduct an investigation to determine whether there are grounds for dismissal. However, the Code of Good Practice: Dismissal provides a number of guidelines for a fair enquiry. Mediation should be carried out by an impartial member of staff or third party who is adequately trained. Johanette Rheeder. 6. No representation is made or warranty given as to its content. The chair of the hearing must be an employee on a higher grade than the representative of the employer. 3. 2. In legal terms, resignation is a so-called ‘unilateral’ act. (Labour legislation is not specific in terms of the steps to follow when conducting a disciplinary enquiry. State how the employee should contact the disciplinary manager to confirm attendance and whether or not they will be bringing a companion with them. HOW TO CONDUCT A FAIR DISCIPLINARY HEARING January 2010. This right stems from the more basic right that accused employees have to defend themselves against the … An employer shouldn’t conduct a disciplinary meeting with a ‘pre-determined outcome’ in mind. It is not a process to be taken lightly. The disciplinary officer should prepare questions in advance of the hearing and ensure that they have a complete pack of all the notes and letters related to the investigation. chair of the disciplinary hearing. Tempting as it may be to go ahead and dismiss underperforming or misbehaving employees, in doing so, you could put your business at risk of disruptive and costly employment claims. The disciplinary invitation letter should also set out the arrangements for the disciplinary hearing. The disciplinary hearing should be convened at a reasonable time and place. b. Conducting disciplinary hearings well is one important element of that procedure, and can help to achieve those goals. The court finds that the aforesaid two subparagraphs are correct in terms of the principles of equity for a fair disciplinary hearing. Contact for more information. taking disciplinary measures against any breach of the standards of conduct and performance set by the ... (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd ... October 2004. For more details on holding disciplinary hearings, you can use Discipline and grievances at work: the Acas guide (PDF, 841KB, 79 pages). An employee resigns with immediate effect after receiving notice of a disciplinary hearing. After the hearing your employer should write to you as soon as possible, saying what action they’re going to take, and telling you about your right to appeal. 7.3 Conducting the disciplinary hearing a. This is not negotiable. Forms: Disciplinary Hearing Strictly Private & Confidential Sample Page 2 of 8 This document is informational only and for personal use only. The complainant and the respondent are entitled to a copy of the minutes. May the employer proceed with disciplinary action? Invite Letter . 4. The user assumes all risk of use. Employees facing disciplinary hearings are entitled to many rights including that of the proper opportunity to prepare for the hearing in advance. Be sure to take thorough notes of the discussion during the disciplinary meeting. An employee should be given sufficient time to consider the allegations and to read any … So, the fact that you are getting a "disciplinary" hearing means that the employer may be amenable to keeping you. How to Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing. If … Provide opportunity for the employee to address their conduct. Hand over the completed and signed Disciplinary Action Form. There is no reason why representatives cannot attend a remote disciplinary or grievance hearing. A disciplinary hearing can be a make-or-break situation for many an employee. A disciplinary meeting should usually … How to conduct a disciplinary hearing. These documents are uploaded here as resources for practitioners who may find themselves in a position where they need to prepare for a preliminary or disciplinary hearing under the Health Professions Act. In Article Archive, Article Archive - Home by Jan Truter 16 January 2018 4 Comments. The disciplinary must be held within ten working days after the notice referred to in paragraph 7.1(a) is delivered to the employ ee. Dismissal is undoubtedly the most severe of those sanctions.

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