Create your TRIBE Canvas



The understandings and agreements that make a team great have been put together on the TRIBE canvas.  All of these are important and by working together to develop a consensus about them what sort of team you want to be by agreeing the contents in each box.

This form will help create your first draft of the canvas. Below are questions that relate to each of the boxes on the canvas from 1 to 11. Have a go at answering all the questions. If you’re not finished click “Save and Exit” to come back to the form later. When you are happy with your answers click “Submit” and your responses will be processed into a document that merges everybody’s answers for each element of the canvas. Your answers are not confidential and will be viewed by the rest of your team. The team leader will be able to print the canvas so that you can discuss it as a team. Your data will be stored securely and not shared by us with anyone.

You may find it difficult to answer some questions and this is to be expected, but you should not spend too long trying. If you cannot answer a question just leave it blank, or if you have to guess, then make a note that you don’t have much confidence in your answer. Spend no more than 30 minutes in total answering the questions.

Keep your answers short and focused, no essays or long lists. Remember the inputs from everybody will be in the report, so be as concise as you can.

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