All progress in science comes from the application of the scientific method. This involves having a theory, forming a hypothesis about what it means in practice and then conducting experiments to test whether the hypothesis is wrong. The rapid and significant increase in knowledge, innovation and progress would have been impossible without the scientific method.

Both science and teams operate under conditions of uncertainty and change, so teams can learn a huge amount from science. By following a scientific method teams will be able to dramatically increase the pace of their development and path to becoming great.

That’s why we’ve made a scientific mind-set a central part of the TRIBE process. The key idea is thinking of your team as an experiment.

Everyone has ideas and assumptions about their team that are untested and limiting. By discussing these assumptions and testing them using a structured process you can remove these limits. The crucial point here, is that the experiments you use to test your assumptions need to be fast and agile enabling you to quickly develop and fast track your team to success.

By applying a scientific mind-set to your team canvas you can build a team that pushes the boundaries of performance.

It’s not enough to simply create a cohesive and harmonious team. You only know you have created a great team, when you find a way to have a performance edge and can put metrics in place to measure how this has impacted on performance indicators and stakeholder satisfaction.

But be aware that to succeed your scientific mind-set must be based on experimenting at speed. Each experiment creates a learning, discussion feedback cycle that drives focus, which in turn allows your team to quickly develop through the TRIBE Canvas process. Your experiments don’t have to give you highly accurate results, you’re trying to get an understanding of whether you’re heading in the right direction. And some sense of scale. You want to know will this make us better or worse and is it by a factor of x2, x10, x100 or x1000.

Now of course there are many assumptions you could test so you need to know where to focus first. Well, as developing an authentic team identity will drive everything else we suggest you start there. In the next lesson, we will give you an overview of the canvas process.