Welcome and thank you for becoming a site member. If you’re a leader looking to get the most out of your followers and team, you have come to the right place.

This training is designed for leaders who want to create dynamic, agile, energised, committed teams and organisations, full of passion, pride and performance. Leaders who are frustrated that the approaches they use today don’t quite deliver, despite their best efforts. It offers a radical new perspective on organisational life, not plucked from the sky, but based on decades of scientific research. Research that because it comes from a different branch of psychology, has been almost completely missed in organisations.

We will take you on a journey to learning the psychology behind influence, power and identity. Everything on the course is based on science, either our own or from other leading researchers in the field.

You will get the most from this course if you have a specific team in mind that you can work with as you learn. There are lots of practical suggestions of things for you to do and you won’t know how to make them work for you unless you try them.