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Why Become a Contributor?

More Traffic

We promote you on social media and post a link back to your site (if you have one) to help drive traffic to you.

Earn Money

50% recurring monthly commission on any membership signups (read more below).

Complete Fexibility

What to contribute? When to contribute? How much? What to share on the site? You chose!

Free Membership

Yes, we will chuck this in the package – now that’s a good deal.

How can I earn money?

We are on a mission to make Great Teams Academy the home for all things team and leadership. Some contributors will post because they want to and/or promote their own blog or site, but we also offer a unique way of earning money.

We’re currently in launch mode, but once we are up and running, we will be charging £10 a month to be a Great Teams Academy member. Members gain access to all our exclusive membership content. If people sign up because of your content, you get 50% recurring commission.

So one new member would earn you £60 a year. 50 members? £3,000 a year or £15,000 over the next five years providing they stay subscribed. You can gain members via three ways:

  1. Affiliate Links. You don’t need to contribute, you can join in the fun by simply sharing the site via your affiliate link. Using our software, we are able to track users who come via your link. Any membership sign-ups we gain from your link will be attributed to you.
  2. Contribute free content. This is the best way to get your work ‘out there’ as we promote you on the site and through social media. This will get the most views as it’s not restricted to members. If you’re creating content on your site anyway, you can also share it on Great Teams Academy. You might even gain a few sign-ups by placing a ‘become a member’ link at the end of your post.
  3. Contribute membership content. Membership content can be in any form – blog, e-book, guide or podcast. To access your membership content, users will have a sign-up via your contributor link. This is the most likely to gain new members because users have a reason to sign up.

I’m interested. What do I need to do?

Simply fill out the contact form below and, if we like what you do, we’ll get you set up in no time.

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