Great Teams Academy

Making teams and leaders great

A Digital Platform

Developed by the Centre for Team Excellence, Great Teams Academy is designed to give leaders and their teams an online resource platform.

Forward Thinking

We use cutting-edge science comprised of our own research in collaboration with Sussex University and leaders in the field.

Problem Solvers

Although based on science, our 19 years of consulting experience ensures that everything we do is practical and solution focused.

Our Story

Great Teams Academy is the younger brother of its parent company The Centre for Team Excellence. We created Great Teams Academy because the leaders we worked with kept asking us for the resources we use. We also recognised that, while we have worked with Olympic champions, Global business brands and elite military teams for 19 years, our consultancy approach wasn’t scalable to those who needed it most – the everyday leader and team. That’s why we created Great Teams Academy – to act as a bespoke online platform that enables leaders to create great teams without having to use our consultancy services directly. Our mission is to help 1 million people be part of a great team by 2020.

Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt

Founder & CEO

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 24 years’ experience of consultancy and coaching, training. I got a First Class Honours degree in Social Psychology from University of Kent and worked in London advertising agencies for seven years before taking an Occupational Psychology MSc at Cranfield in 1993. I founded the Centre for Team Excellence in 1999, having first worked in a small psychology consultancy.
Dr Will Thomas

Dr Will Thomas

Head of research

I work with organisations, leaders and teams across business, sport and the military in providing evidenced-based yet practical solutions. At great teams academy, my role is ensuring that what we do is based on real science. I continue to research and apply a scientifically driven approach to team and leadership development as an honorary research fellow at University of Sussex.