Owning a home is a big responsibility, and remodeling it can be a huge undertaking. Granite, marble, and quartz countertops can cost just as much (or more in some cases) but, on the flip side, granite and quartz are often installed for as little as $45 - $65/psf. Failure to reseal granite countertops will make it very unsanitary because molds and other bacteria can build up in its surface once liquids penetrate its surface. PROS. Granite countertops deliver gorgeous aesthetics in kitchens and bathrooms and have other good qualities. Quartz countertops with solid gray color. Both quartzite and granite are sensitive to abrasive cleaners like bleach. Quartz vs Granite Countertops -- we break down the differences, pros & cons, and unique benefits of the two stone types for you. despite being cheaper than its counterparts, it offers a lot of positive benefits, which makes it a very practical and reasonable choice. The limited colors can be a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to design flexibility. If you’re unsure whether it’s the right choice for you, take a read of the pros and cons listed below. Here are a few pros and cons. First let’s see the major advantages of using quartzite kitchen countertops. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. If you are looking for natural stone, granite is your choice. Ivan Rivera. Many people are confused on whether to use quartz or quartzite material for their countertops. Granite Countertops: Pros and Cons are important before puchase the stone. This guide covers unique properties, pros and cons, looks, maintenance requirements, durability aspects, and pricing considerations […] There are so many different materials you can use for kitchen countertops these … As long as you take proper care of your natural stone countertops. Don’t confuse quartzite with manufactured Quartz Surfacing. Contact us to learn more. Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops. Like marble, but low maintenance. Granite and marble are the most popular choices when it comes to natural stone countertops. Quartz countertops are relatively new, but they’ve found a loyal following because of their many good qualities such as their attractive appearance, durability and the fact they don’t have some of the weaknesses of natural stone. Quartzite countertops are porous (though this is limited by sealing) and so spills must be cleaned up promptly to prevent staining; Quartzite countertops require regular sealing. If you will be using normal cutting blades, it will take longer and you need to make multiple passes to cut it perfectly. Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops Quartz Vs. Hot pans and other objects should not be placed directly on the surface. Dekton is sold primarily through Home Depot and other home stores. A better approach may be to consider where the countertop will be used. Installing new cabinets and countertops will completely transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Quartzite is highly resistant to scratching and etching and comes mostly white but with a wide variety of colors and patterns created by the impurities that can be found in this beautiful natural rock. Quartz is a commonly used material for indoor floors, backsplashes, and countertops. The pros and cons of leathered granite are worth considering if you want to install a natural look in your home that offers more resilience than honed stone. Granite Vs Quartzite Countertops Pros And Cons. There are many other things to consider like the composition, durability, maintenance, environmental issues, and real-estate value. Supply and demand has driven the price of quartzite up, so expect to pay a little more and have fewer color options than with granite. No matter what the style of your kitchen is, whether traditional, contemporary, country or modern, you can find. Both granite and quartzite can be cut according to a specified size. Quartzite is an excellent counter top option as it is harder than most granites. that is created when a quartz rich sandstone is subjected to high heat, extreme pressure and chemical activity of metamorphism. At first glance, quartz and quartzite sound so similar, one might think they are the same type of stone. Many will like the evenness of the look and tone, others will prefer a bit more diversity. Quartzite Countertops vs. It is also scratch resistant and will not get damaged from sharp objects like knives. ”. Granite and quartz both offer beautiful design, consistency and durability, but there are pros and cons of both granite and quartz. That is granite’s strength – Each countertop is one of a kind. Choosing the best material for countertops of your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you will make. While both stones are fundamentally different, they both offer unmatched elegance while showing off the natural look of quartz. Here we'll compare three of the best ones namely Quartz Vs Quartzite Vs Granite. Pros of Quartzite Countertops. As for both quartzite and granite countertops, you will need to hire a professional to install them. Quartz countertops are top-rated in Consumer Reports' tests, narrowly edging out granite. Most stone called "granite" used for countertops requires little more than usual cleaning and sealing once a year or less and many stones never need sealing. Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: Pros & Cons There is one design decision that sparks heated debates between couples when it comes to renovating the kitchen. Finding the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is more than a matter of aesthetics. However, there are some potential weaknesse, cons, countertop, granite, kitchen, low maintenance, options, porous, prices, pros, sealing, staining Provided that your granite countertops are properly sealed and regularly resealed, they can be cleaned very easily using a damp cloth and some warm water. Some people prefer the natural and unique look of granite countertops. Both quartz and granite are natural stones, however they vary in terms of their material composition. Both countertop materials are easy to clean, in fact, you only need a cloth with warm water and soap to wipe it’s surface. One of the best benefits of granite and quartzite is the distinct beauty that they offer. Quartzite and granite countertops are highly sought after not only for their distinct natural beauty but also for the different positive qualities mentioned above. Quartz is non-porous and does not require any sealing - ever. You don’t need to worry about the surface wearing down or developing problems any time soon! It is more resistant  to wear and tear compared to most countertop materials. Pros: 1. But before you dive into your purchase be sure that you’re doing your homework. Looks like Marble. Granite, on the other hand,is made up of interlocking mineral crystals , the most common being quartz and feldspar. Granite Countertops: Pros and Cons. The choice between quartz vs. granite countertops depends entirely on your lifestyle, your willingness to maintain the natural choice, and your budget. Here are some additional pros and cons of Granite and Quartz worktops that you should know about: The Durability. Granite, on the other hand, is. As with granite, quartz countertops also have their own sets of drawbacks and benefits that go along with them. Granite vs. marble vs. quartz: Pros and cons of kitchen countertop materials By 21Oak Contributor March 4, 2020 Dane Deaner on Unsplash . The cost of Dekton will ultimately depend on the following factors…. Or should you stick with quartz countertops; durable and easy to care for? Weigh the pros and cons of these popular kitchen countertop materials. The cooling process that granite undergoes allows for large crystals of the minerals to develop. There are pros and cons to using each material, so it's just a matter of deciding what’s right for your needs as well as your budget. Granite has been a champion of countertops for quite a while, although now people consider the choice of quartz vs granite countertop more often. Compared to other countertop materials, it is more difficult to cut and finish quartzite. We offer granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, and other natural stone countertops and stone fabrication. Hiring a professional will also ensure that the job is done correctly and quickly, while also significantly lowering the chance of potential damages occurring during installation. Do you go with granite; a popular, trendy choice? Quartzite is often confused with quartz, but it’s a separate, naturally occurring stone that is quarried in a similar way to granite. The use of your kitchen or project area will determine these values. Granite and quartz are quite different materials, one being a natural stone and another being an engineered composite made to resemble the natural stone. Granite is heat resistant, which means you can place hot pans directly on it without having to worry about ruining your countertops. Here is a look at their strengths and weaknesses. However, quartzite is denser and harder than granite, which in turn makes it less porous too. You can read a more detailed overview of the pricing of granite vs quartzite below. Granite Countertops. Dolomite Countertops are more often found in gray and white and usually contain streaks that allow it to resemble marble better than quartzite, and that’s exactly why they’re popular right now. After much contemplation, you’ve narrowed it down to either granite or quartz countertops . Granite vs Quartz: Countertops Pros and Cons. Quartz countertops are just as strong as granite but have the added benefit of being more flexible making them less likely to chip or crack. One of the strongest qualities of quartzite is its sophisticated beauty, It can easily render elegance, a luxurious feel and a pristine look to a space. Today’s top two upscale countertop options, granite and quartz, are competitively priced with one another. Knowing Marble Countertops vs. However, customization is a bit more limited compared to artificial countertop materials. Both quartzite and granite contain the mineral quartz, but the amount in them varies. Granite Countertops-And the Winner is… Posted by Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on November 7, 2014 in Blog, Granite Countertops. Quartzite is more expensive than other natural stones like granite and travertine. Stain-Resistant. Well, have no fear, because we’re laying out each and ever pro and con of there is. Quartzite, on the other hand, is composed almost entirely of the hardest material on earth, which is quartz. You have to decide which is best for your home or project based off actual facts of each material. The counters sold as granite are actually what is known as “commercial” granite, or a group of stones comprised mainly of silica, feldspar, and quartz. Save money and get the best quality countertops and stone fabrication for your project. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each. Quartzite often resembles marble, thou… We at Granite Selection have been in the business long enough to know the preferred materials for kitchen countertops. Quartz vs. Quartzite Countertops PLUS Quartzite Pros & Cons. 2. Quartz benefits from having a wide array of colors and designs to choose from. Quartzite Countertops vs. Quartzite is known to be one of the densest natural stone materials in the world, which also makes it an extremely durable construction material. Aesthetic: Quartzite countertops have marble like look with natural strength and are comparatively harder and denser. That’s why this article has been written so that you can dispel these myths and have the necessary facts to help you understand the differences, pros and cons about these two kitchen countertops and hence make the right purchasing decision. To help squash the Granite vs Quartz countertop quandary, let’s take a look at the difference between Quartz and Granite countertops, as well as a few pros and cons for each. It has the look of marble, but it’s much easier to care for, so if maintenance is an issue that keeps you from marble, this is a great alternative. For instance, granite’s high heat resistance will make it perfect for the kitchen, while its porous nature may invite mold to grow in a bathroom fixture. Save money and get … Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops. Granite countertops deliver gorgeous aesthetics in kitchens and bathrooms and have other good qualities. Quartzite material has natural look and depending on the minerals used during formation. As with any material, the visual differences between granite and quartz are a matter of taste. Quartzite Vs. Heat Resistance. Granite can be used outside but quartz cannot. Your countertops … Before we talk the pros and cons of quartzite countertops to granite countertops, it is important to emphasize that this discussion is about two of Nature’s own designs, the natural stones quartzite and granite – not quartz and granite. A Durable Surface. By. Granite Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops Choosing Quartz Countertops In Toronto. Or even that quartzite is perhaps a fabricated version of quartz. Granite and quartzite have very similar performance statistics. © UseNaturalStone.org 2019 | Official Promotional Campaign of Natural Stone Institute. Pros: 1. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of quartzite vs granite countertops: Because it is a naturally mined stone each slab is unique. Two common options are granite and marble, and while both are natural stones, they do have significant differences. Here’s a look at their strengths and weaknesses. However, when considering quartz vs granite countertops, it’s important to note that quartz is better in terms of its resistance to acidic foods and staining, which are an integral part of life in the kitchen. When deciding on new countertops, you’ll want to take several bits and pieces into consideration. Granite and quartz both offer beautiful design, consistency and durability, but there are pros and cons of both granite and quartz. If you like marble, you’ll love quartzite. Because of the limited colors that they come in, quartzite is more preferred in neutral toned kitchens. Quartzite adds a lovely natural touch to the home. Quartz vs. Contact Us, Quartzite vs Granite (Countertops Design Guide). Everything from white to black, red, green, beige and more is available. Quartzite has one very particular flaw which you can’t find in other natural stone countertops, which is. Helpful Resource: 22 Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops. formed from cooled magma. This section provides a head-to-head comparison in the essentials: Consistency: Quartz from the same production run is uniform in color because the process is carefully controlled. In fact, when it comes to the resale value of natural stone countertops, homeowners typically recover 100 percent or more of their installation costs. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. Updated 01/02/2018. Modern quartz countertops now offer more color variation than almost any other option, except for granite. In this blog we discuss the Pros and Cons of these two most controversial countertop materials. Pros and Cons of Quartzite vs Carrara Marble for countertops Posted June 16, 2017 March 3, 2019 Kerstin When it comes to kitchen design, the white marble kitchen is one of the most favorited looks people are striving for these days. Quartz countertops are relatively new, but they’ve found a loyal following because of their many good qualities such as their attractive appearance, durability and the fact they don’t have some of the weaknesses of natural stone. Granite and quartzite have very similar performance statistics. Accent Countertops is a high-quality countertop fabricator and installer in Salt Lake City Utah & Reno Nevada. Years ago, quartz worktops used to be available in only a handful of colors, but today quartz boasts a compelling variety of colors. Many people look for durability in a natural stone surface. Pros. Granite is best known for being a very hard material. It is not rare and you can find granite easily from a lot of local suppliers. Consumer Reports tested the stain resistance of quartz and granite countertops and found quartz to … By definition. Read about Pros and Cons, Prices, how each material is made etc. The use of your kitchen or project area will determine these values. Granite won’t liquefy, rankle or clasp whenever presented to heat. Granite countertops are not perfect, but in practical use, over years and years, it has proven it's worth performing as good or better than pretty much every other surface. Countertop Material Comparison: Concrete vs. Granite vs Quartz: Countertops Pros and Cons. There is undeniably a lot to consider when you begin the overwhelming project that is a kitchen renovation. that will last for many years when properly taken care of. Granite Countertops July 07, 2014. Professional designers like those at Sky Marble and Granite in Sterling, Virginia, can help you decide which stone is right for you—and a few basic pointers may … Pros and Cons of Quartz vs Granite Countertops: The Complete Rundown You want to remodel your kitchen , but you only have enough saved to renew your countertops. As the saying goes, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you’ll be the judge of this as it will all depend on your taste, but be sure to learn the difference between the two. Most of them come in white and grey shades making it the best countertop material.

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