GCIH, GPEN here. I'm looking at my work supported study options for this year and tossing up whether to try and get on a SANS course. Reasons to take it, … With us, you’ll be GPEN trained in record time; Our GPEN course is all-inclusive. It may get to the point where they stop funding anything else. 4. Professionals with the GIAC Penetration Tester certification (GPEN) are the best bet for this role in any organization. GPEN Certification. A higher-level credential from GIAC when compared to GPEN, the GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester doesn’t require specific training or practical knowledge to take the exam. Two options of training.Choose between residential classroom-based, or online GPEN courses; You'll be GPEN certified in just 5 days. Home ... Low Cost: $999 (shortest track) Those course materials would cost up to 5.6k USD each and are being given out for 399 USD during renewal. For both, I had a good time during the training but if you are already working I don’t think you will learn something new. Organizations often task security personnel with the responsibility of finding security loopholes on target networks and systems. The cost of each GIAC exam is currently $1,899, which includes two practice exams. I'm willing to pay some costs but very limited on what I could afford. Cost: $1,999 GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) This certification assesses general penetration testing expertise, with an emphasis on process. The IT Certification Resource Center. That is one generous aspect from SANS with regards to GIAC certification renewal. In my option CEH is the better certification and GPEN is the better training to have. GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) certification information from GoCertify.com, the IT certification resource center. The average passing rate for GIAC GPEN exam is 15% or so every year. In fact most exam cost for IT certifications is from $200 to $4000 which is not cheap. I could probably afford maybe £1000-£1500 for a course or certification if it was worth it. Are GIAC certs and SANS training worth the cost? If you fail exam you should pay test cost twice or more. The three-hour certification exam covers the three key stages of an exploit: reconnaissance, attack and escalation. I am wanting to expand my technical knowledge a bit and bulk the resume out a little with another cert. Before taking the course and the exam, I made sure that my chosen certification was valued within the infosec community (and not just by HR people or C-level managers). What has helped me to decide which course/certification to take was reading other people’s opinions and experiences. Featured Deal. Get CompTIA, Cisco, or Microsoft training courses free for a week. As we all know the GPEN test cost is very expensive. The GPEN test cost is high, our exam dumps will help you pass exam once. Comprehensive Pen Test Planning, Scoping, and Recon. Learn More Toggle navigation. I've been allowed to do the GPEN course but that probably won't occur till November as I'm on loads of others. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals. In-Depth Scanning and Exploitation, Post-Exploitation, and Pivoting I would skip GCIH altogether if it wasn’t a prerequisite for promotion. Alumni of a SANS training course wishing to attempt the associated GIAC certification at a later date are eligible for a $850 discount. GPEN certification holders have the knowledge and skills to conduct exploits and engage in detailed reconnaissance, as well as utilize a process-oriented approach to penetration testing projects. Seven reasons why you should sit your course with Firebrand Training. You need to demonstrate that you can conduct advanced pentesting and can model advanced attackers in uncovering significant security flaws. GIAC Certification Attempts purchased independently from a SANS training package are $1,999. Passed both exams with 93% and won coins. The GIAC GPEN certification is my first infosec certification.

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