This ensures maximum flexibility in the operation of the power unit, and also improves its environmental performance. Scion FRS 2.0 ltr 4U-GSE-FA20 engine for year 2014 for sale. Performance Auto Parts & Car Accessories | Unbeatable Prices Your One Stop Shop For Performance Auto Parts, ( Honestly, if you find a better price we'll match it. We note the presence of a special system for changing the gas distribution on the exhaust and intake camshafts. This engine received the FA20 index and has proven itself exclusively on the positive side. This kit is for people want to upgrade all the way including the engine internals. If you need a used car with a small diesel engine, even though the repair costs are very high, there are several attractive offers... Subaru FA20/FA20DIT 2.0L Best Specs, Problems & Reliability. Give us a call to get the best prices and parts for your build. $3,749.99. At Modern Automotive Performance, we have an industry-leading reputation for quality and performance because of our dedication to quality. We will supply a new OEM FA20 short block option above for us to use as a starting point.   Or, just call us with a cool racing story...either way we're here. document.write(''); Hi, my name is Jasmine. For example, a direct injection system is installed on Subaru engines, which is also installed on new modifications of Toyota power units. What The Best & Most Popular JDM Cars Or Engine? High performance specifications withstanding 550(ps)-50(kgf・m)! Here are the main details: Brand new OEM Subaru WRX FA20 case halves converted to Closed Deck You have entered an incorrect email address! Thank you for reading our article and hope you enjoy it. Ready to start your new engine?

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