Who are we?

Great Teams Academy  have helped Olympic and Paralympic teams win gold medals, National Championships and World Cups. We have worked at elite levels in football, cricket, hockey, rugby, motorcycle racing and F1. But just as importantly, our approach is used in youth sports, community clubs, schools, and colleges. It gets used because it is doable, and it works.

We read the research so you don’t have to and where we have found gaps we have collaborated with universities to organise research to plug them. If you don’t value experts, proper academic research and an evidence base for what you do, you won’t like us.

We are very practical. We turn research into practical “how to do it” guidance that you can use immediately in your coaching. Through our hands-on experience of working with teams and athletes we’ve learnt how to make things practical.

Most people get involved in coaching team sports because they have an amazing memory of a team they belonged to where they felt valued, encourage, challenged and happy. In the toughest moments, when the chops were down, you knew you could trust your teammates and if you saw one of the old team across a street today you could just nod, smile and you would both know.  Because this experience shaped the person you are today.  It shaped all of you 

Unfortunately, most coaches [elite and voluntary] do not know how to recreate that togetherness.  If that’s you we can help. 

And better still the research evidence and out experience show teams with that level of connection and togetherness win more often. Not by a small margin but by 53% 

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A revolutionary new approach to Team and Leadership Training

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